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SHAKES Your favorite thick and delicious milkshakes M.T.O. 7.75 Make it an Old Time Malt 8.00 Chocolate Vanilla Strawberry Cookies n Cream Peanut Butter MADE WITH YOUR FAVORITE FLAVOR FROSTED FLOATS cola, lemon-lime, or root beer, with one cannonball scoop of your favorite ice cream 5.95 Shake It Up Hot Dogs Hot Dog Toppings (.49 ea): chili, sauerkraut, cheddar, provolone, swiss, cheese sauce, onions, grilled onions, bacon, tomatoes, relish, coleslaw, jalapeño Toppings are additional .50 when added to your creation. - Walnuts - Coconut - Caramel - Almonds - Pecans - Butterscotch Syrup - Strawberry Topping - Chocolate Chips - Pineapple Topping - Chocolate Sprinkles - Oreo Cookie Pieces - Peanut Butter - Rainbow Sprinkles - Hot Fudge - Bananas - Strawberries CUP OR CAKE CONE S INGLE SCOOP 4 . 9 5 DOUBLE SCOOP 7 . 5 0 WAFFLE CONE ADD 1.00 - Homemade Vanilla - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - Dutch Chocolate - Coconut - Cookies And Cream - Coffee - Butter Pecan - Chocolate Chip - Mint Chocolate Chip - Triple Chocolate - Strawberry - Cotton Candy - Pistachio Almond - Happy Tracks - Praline And Cream - Black Cherry - Rocky Road - Mocha Almond Fudge - No Sugar Added Vanilla Ice Cream Scoops TASTY TOPPINGS Ice cream flavors subject to change, ask your server for availability Scoopin’ Sundaes GRACEN’S STRAWBERRY SLAMMER strawberry and vanilla ice cream, strawberry topping, almonds, whipped cream, cherry 8.50 CARAMEL DELIGHT caramel, peanuts, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, cherry 8.50 HOT FUDGE SUNDAE fudge, peanuts, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, cherry 8.50 THE NUTTY BANANA butterscotch, bananas, walnuts, peanuts, butter pecan ice cream, whipped cream, cherry 8.50 OREO BLISS cookies and cream ice cream, crushed oreo cookie pieces, hot fudge and whipped cream 8.50 PEANUT BUTTER SUNDAE chocolate and vanilla ice cream, gooey peanut butter and rich hot fudge, and whipped cream 8.50 CLASSIC BANANA SPLIT chocolate, vanilla, strawberry ice-cream, bananas, strawberry and pineapple topping, peanuts, whipped cream, cherry 9.25 NATHAN’S ALL BEEF HOTDOG with choice of side 7.99 JALAPEÑO POPPER DOG Nathan’s all beef dog, bacon, jalapeño, cheddar cheese 8.99 GERMAN DOG Nathan’s all beef dog, sauerkraut, brown mustard 8.25 REUBEN DOG Nathan’s all beef dog, sauerkraut, thousand island, swiss cheese 8.50 ALL AMERICAN Nathan’s all beef dog, ketchup, mustard, relish, onion 8.25 SAUSAGE DOG brown mustard, grilled onions 9.25 THE VILLAGE DOG Nathan’s all beef dog, cheese, chili, coleslaw 8.25 CHILI DOG Nathan’s all beef dog, chili, cheese, red onion 8.25 CHILI DOG BANANA SPLIT ROOT BEER FLOAT THE SHUGGIE nine scoops of your favorite ice cream with up to five toppings 30